Due to popular demand, Dr Sara Baldey is hosting a free seminar at East Bentleigh Animal Care discussing acupuncture. It seems like many people want to learn more about complementary techniques for the care of their pets. So, Dr Sara will discuss it’s role in the treatment of arthritis. Best of all, the seminar is completely free. Just click on the registration link below to book your spot. Dr Sara’s special interest is in veterinary acupuncture and herbal medicine.

Sara uses an evidenced based approach to show how these complementary treatments can help in the care of your beloved furry family members. The seminar will focus on arthritis and musculoskeletal health problems. Can acupuncture help your dogs or cats or other pets? Acupuncture can  assist in a range of conditions while minimising the use of drugs. While acupuncture and herbal medicine can’t cure all conditions, many patients find improvements.

Details of the free Veterinary Acupuncture seminar:

?When: Saturday 23rd of June from 1-2pm
?Where: East Bentleigh Animal Care; 581 Warrigal Rd, East Bentleigh

So you can easily register by clicking on the link below. Or just call us if you would like to attend.

Finally, here’s a quick introductory video from Dr Sara.

Free Seminar By Dr Sara Baldey – Veterinary Acupuncture and Arthritis
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