Order your doggy football jumpers here, just in time for Football goes to the dogs at our East Bentleigh Vet Clinic. Please check below sizes for all measurements,Breed and place the order accordingly .

Cost Size Neck Chest Length Breed
$32 XS 20cm 35cm 22-23cm Puppies or small dogs
$34 S 26cm 44cm 31-33cm Fox terrier, jack Russell
$34 M 36cm 50cm 38-40cm ShihTzu, Malses, Bichon Frise
$34 L 40cm 60cm 46-48cm Cavalier king Charles, cocker spaniel, cattle dog
$40 XL 46cm 62cm 55-56cm Boxer, border collie, Whippet
$48 XLL Made to order Made to order 55-56cm Staffie, bulldog,
$56 XXL Made to order Made to order Made to order German Sheppard, Lab, Greyhound

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