Finding Forever Homes for Kittens


Our mission at East Bentleigh Animal Care is to find suitable and Loving forever owners for homeless cats and sometimes pups. All our Adoption kittens are vet-checked, microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated. We work with caring rescue organisations to offer kittens and pups for adoption at less than pet shop prices.

Our Adoption kitten comes with:

    • full vet check including full physical examination
    • desexing surgery & 2 week check up
    • 1st F3 Vaccination
    • microchipped
    • flea treated
    • additional 1 month flea treatment supplied
    • wormed
    • vaccination, microchip, and desexing certificates
    • free kitten pack including discounts and samples

Please note that adoption can be popular so the first family that is the best match to the orphaned pet will be offered the new family member. Adoption families fill out a suitability questionnaire to ensure compatibility with the rescue pet. This might include consideration of other pets in your house, your ability to keep pets indoors or outdoors and the suitability of the breed of pet to your circumstances.

Adoption of  pet can add love, fun, joy and companionship to your life.  There is even evidence to suggest that having a companion animal can improve your spiritual and physical health.

Pets will give back to you the same amount of love, companionship and patience that you give them.  Therein lies the secret to having a good animal companion.  If you do not have the time, finances and patience to devote to a new pet, you will not develop the type of loving relationship that you would like to have with him.  Thousands of animals are returned to shelters each year after adoption because the person who adopted them was not prepared for the commitment that it takes to develop and nurture the relationship with a new pet.

Kitten adoptions with full health checks, vaccinations, worming, microchip

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